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El piano o...+ CD


Reinón, E.

Bellaterra Música Ed. Dp OL

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The piano or ... is the fourth volume of the series dedicated to musical instruments, "Histories of instruments", by Bellaterra Music, Ed., And aims, in an entertaining and didactic way, to present and make known The Piano and other Instruments of Key in the different times, styles and musical traditions.

It is a book with Cd that includes:

A fun and imaginative story about a girl and a magic pianola that will transport her to different eras where she discovers a lot of music and instruments that, although they all have keys, sound and work in a very different way.

A Cd. With a range of songs representative of the different styles and eras, where the piano and other key instruments are the protagonists.

A tab on the different key instruments.


2. Piano: Tea for two, V. Youmans / I. Caesar

3. Piano: Mysterious, T. Monk

4. Piano: Dr. Gradus ad Parnassum (Children's Corner), Cl. Debussy

5. Pianola: Maple Leaf Rag, S. Joplin

6. Harpsichord: Sonata K. 208 in La mayor, D. Scarlatti

7. Piano: Waltz Op. 69 no. 2 in F minor, F. Chopin

8. Celesta: Dance of the Sugar Fairy (from the Trencanous), Tchaikovsky

9. Mini-moog: Cantaloupe Island, H. Hancock

10. Piano i saxo: Humoresque, A Dvorak.

Bonus tracks

11. Piano: Humoresque, A Dvorak, (piano accompaniment only to play or sing with another instrument).

12. Electric piano: The xocolatera, anonymous children.

13. Organ: Toccata in D minor (fragment), J.S. Bach


Albert Bover, with the collaboration of Eladio Reinón (sax tenor) in Humoresque.

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