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Enfoques análiticos Música Siglo XX


Lester, J.

Akal Ediciones

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Conceived as an introduction to various analytical techniques applicable to 20th century music, this valuable book is written in a direct and clear style, and includes numerous musical examples and practical exercises. Free from jargon and the abstruse mathematical equations that characterize so many works of a speculative nature, this lucid study uses masterpieces of twentieth-century music as a basis for exhibition and analysis. The text is organized in four units. The first focuses on aspects of musical structure such as the rhythm, texture, timbre, shape and relationship of tonal music with the music of our time. The second and third are concerned with the structure of heights (sets of height classes and serial music, respectively). The fourth, finally, contains a study of the music of the post-war generation. Starting from the premise that the perception of a work of art is a personal matter, the author does not pretend to teach the way to listen or analyze contemporary music. On the contrary, its aim is that the reader can make a more informed listening thanks to a better understanding of the way in which musical materials are used to achieve effects as sonic as expressive.


Unidad uno. La tonalidad y la música en el siglo XX
1. La altura en la música tonal
2. El ritmo y el metro
3. La textura y el timbre
4. La forma
Unidad dos. Las estructuras de las alturas
5. Alturas, intervalos, melodía
6. Los conjuntos de clases de alturas
7. El contenido interválico
8. El empleo de diferentes conjuntos de clases de alturas
9. Regiones de clases de alturas, escalas y modos
Unidad tres. La música serial
10. Las series dodecafónicas
11. Los elementos comunes
12. La combinatoriedad hexacórdica
13. Las series derivadas
14. Ordenaciones múltiples de series dodecafónicas
15. Otros aspectos del serialismo
Unidad cuatro. Desde la Seguda Guerra Mundial
16. Desarrollos combinatorios

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