Preludio Reb M Op.28 Nº 15 Gota agua -urtext- Ampliar

Preludio Reb M Op.28 Nº 15 Gota agua -urtext-


Chopin, F.


G. Henle Verlag

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Editor: Norbert Müllemann
Fingering: Hermann Keller


"The stories surrounding Frédéric Chopin’s winter holiday on Mallorca with George Sand in 1838/39 are widely known. It was there, in adverse conditions, that Chopin completed his “Préludes” op. 28 which he had already begun in Paris. According to George Sand, the famous “Raindrop Prélude” (no. 15) is said to have been composed during a storm on Mallorca; however, other sources show that the first sketches were already made in Paris. Our single edition has been taken from the revised edition of the “Préludes” (HN 882) published last year. Detailed information on the genesis of this work and an evaluation of the sources can be downloaded free-of-charge."

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