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Chopin, F.


G.Henle Verlag

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Editor: Ewald Zimmermann
Fingering: Hans-Martin Theopold

The present volume contains all Chopin’s known Polonaises for piano solo:

Polonaise (Dramatique) c sharp minor op. 26,1
Polonaise e flat minor op. 26,2
Polonaise (Militaire) A major op. 40,1
Polonaise c minor op. 40,2
Polonaise f sharp minor op. 44
Polonaise A flat major op. 53
Polonaise (Polonaise-Fantaisie) A flat major op. 61
Polonaise d minor op. 71,1
Polonaise B flat major op. 71,2
Polonaise (Version 1: autograph) f minor op. 71,3
Polonaise (Version 2: Fontana) f minor op. 71,3
Polonaise g minor KK IIa,1
Polonaise B flat major KK IVa,1
Polonaise A flat major KK IVa,2
Polonaise g sharp minor KK IVa,3
Polonaise b flat minor KK IVa,5
Polonaise G flat major KK IVa,8

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